List of All Tables and Fields in D365 Finance and Operations

There have been several times where I needed to search for a specific field and could not remember what table it was located on and I spent several hours looking. There is not a very good way to search for fields or tables in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations which is why I spent time putting together this Excel workbook that contains every single table and field in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations. There are 338,762 fields and 19,284 tables in Dynamics the D365 Finance and Operation application.

The Excel workbook has two tabs. The first tab has a list of every single table in the system and then defines whether the table is a base table or a view.

The next tab in the Excel workbook contains every single field, which table it belongs to, and the field data type. I hope this workbook will save you some time by enabling search over every single table and field in the system and find what you’re looking for.

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