A currency To Convert From Is Required Error: Solved

I was testing a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations purchase requisition workflow and my workflow kept erroring out and throwing the following error message inside the workflow history form.

Stopped (error): SysWorkflowQueue-resume      ClrInterop Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Function ‘ConvertAmountValue()’ has failed.

X++ Exception: A currency to convert from is required to retrieve exchange rate information.

at SysWorkflow 

The error “A currency to convert from is required to retrieve exchange rate information” is an error that can be caused by many different things and there are several articles that cover many of the common issues that cause this error. However, in my case none of them solved this error. In my case the issue was cause by the system currency not being specified. 

If you are getting the same error on the purchase requisition workflow or anywhere else for that matter check the system currency and make sure you have on set. 

  • To set a system currency navigate to System administration > Setup > System parameters.
  • In the “General” tab you will see the “System currency” field. 
  • Select the currency used as the system currency. Re-try your purchase requisition workflow or whatever process you were trying to complete when you got the error and see if this resolves the issue.

Tim Woods

Tim has been an AX/D365 Finance and Operations Consultant for over a decade and loves to share insights and knowledge from multiple full cycle implementations.

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